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Why should you automate?

In short, automation means making something happen by itself.

Den største fordel ved at automatisere processer er, at du sparer tid. Store eller repetitive opgaver, kan være både tidskrævende og svære at overskue. Her kan der opstå fejl, hvis hele processen foregår manuelt.

Setting up nice templates, in Adobe InDesign, is therefore the first part of an automated setup. So making a nice and rigorous setup, only needs to be done once for each variation of the pages. 

Ved brug af automatisering, er det muligt at hente data ind på nemmere vis. Du kan bl.a. bruge en database, et PIM/DAM system eller et simpelt Excel-ark.

A description of automation. A machine that has an input where you can put all your data and an output where the finished product comes out.

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Picture of a sad man with an unmanageable task that could be automated. He stands at a machine with many different inputs and doesn't know where to input data.

Increased production with fewer errors

Hos Rezorz oplever vi tit at det giver store udfordringer for grafikeren, når der kort før deadline varsles  ændringer.

De rigtige informationer findes allerede i virksomhedens ERP systemer, men der er ingen kobling mellem disse og de grafiske platforme. EasyCatalog og et godt workflow kan anvendes til at bevare koblingen før, under og efter de grafiske processer. 

Where do we come in?

Rezorz har stor erfaring indenfor automatisering, men har ingen ønsker om at kile os ind i etablerede samarbejdsrelationer. Vi påtager os gerne ansvaret for hele (eller dele af) den grafiske produktion – eller bidrager med relevant ekspertise til fx inhouse-afdelinger.

Use us from start to finish, where you think it makes the most sense in terms of quality, capacity and economy. If in doubt, ask. It pays.

Picture of an unfolded furniture catalogue.

If you need someone who really understands the graphic processes and their requirements, while chasing every opportunity to automate them, get in touch.

We make it a priority to automate graphic productions - large and small! We do professional retouching and colour correction of images - especially for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

We are graphic designers, retouchers, data crunchers and workflow specialists - all under one roof - this is our absolute strength that benefits you!


- therefore we automate, precisely to reduce or completely eliminate the errors in production that often occur when customers, for example, try to maintain large amounts of data in their catalogue using the copy/paste method. But we also increase production speed MARKANTLY!

We often find that it is very challenging for the graphic designer when price updates, changes in item numbers/range/descriptions etc. are announced shortly before the deadline. The right information is already available in the company's ERP systems, but there is no link between these and the graphics platform (InDesign). We use EasyCatalog to maintain the link before, during and after the graphic processes. 

When the catalogue is finished, PDFs will be exported. Usually not something that requires special skills, but maybe you've got the nerve to keep track of 15 language versions, black shift in the texts vs. a separate 4-colour layer, separate cover in-out, handling spot color plates - hyperlinks that need to work in your pdf to e.g. iPaper... and then just an xml update of all tagged information before export.

No matter how skilled you are, the chance of error in your pdf export is significant - that's why we automate this part too, so you can simply drag & drop the InDesign book into a workflow that delivers print-ready catalogue pdf's. And, it's significantly faster than manual pdf export.

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